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QUAND L’ENVIRONNEMENT REND MALADE. Besoin de comprendre, besoin d’agir: workshops in Québec city, Rimouski and Chicoutimi

The 3 last workshops in Quebec city, Rimouski and Chicoutimi were a great success!

ASEQ-EHAQ is proud to announce that the workshops in Québec have been completed.

Even though the project is not yet completed, for their dedication, tenacity and excellent support,  we wish to sincerely thank Claire Vanier, Service aux collectivités de l’UQAM , Rachel Cox, professeure, Département des sciences juridiques de l’UQAM, Lise Parent, professeure en Sciences de l’environnement, TELUQ, Marie-Ève Brodeur,  Agente de développement, Projet de formation sur l’hypersensibilité environnementale.

We also thank all our trainers across Québec for their enthusiasm and hard work and their strong resolution to take this project forward in their communities across Québec. We are keen to work alongside you to see that the workshop is carried forward in your regions.

To the many people who attended the workshops, from your comments, calls and emails we know that the workshop has been a turning point in your life. We are very touched by your stories of how this has broken some of the isolation and exclusion that you face because you suffer from this illness, how you have made new friends who also have this illness, how you are more empowered now that you have information for yourself, your family and your support system. And best of all that  you want to take the message forward. We encourage you to do this  and we will support your endeavours across Québec.

Here are some photos of our last workshops:

Workshop in Chicoutimi :

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035 043 046 050 058Workshop in Québec city:

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