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QUAND L’ENVIRONNEMENT REND MALADE. Besoin de comprendre, besoin d’agir: workshops in Magog

The workshops from Sherbrooke and Sutton were held at Magog on December 7th and 8th . Chantal Picard, Kathya Heppell, Barbara Vogt and Michel Gaudet presented the workshops.

ASEQ thanks M. Pierre Morin for generously offering his home for the workshops.



QUAND L’ENVIRONNEMENT REND MALADE. Besion de comprendre, besoin d’agir: workshops in Saint-Sauveur

Two well attended workshops were held in Saint-Sauveur on November 24th and 25th at Manger Santé : 411 rue Principale RR4, Saint-Sauveur, Qc J0R 1R4 (

The workshops were given by Vida Guido, Line Vachon and Michel Gaudet.